Terms and conditions of sale


– The lessons are suitable for the progress of higher level students and are also intended for professional musicians. Preparation for international competitions and for entry to the higher conservatories of music and major universities.

 – Work studios: the Academy provides work studios for pianists. There are also studios available for instrumentalists and singers.



– You can arrive at Arc-et-Senans on Sunday afternoon between 2pm and 8.30pm. On arrival, students should visit the office of the Saline Royale Academy located in the Guards Building (main entrance to the monument) with their registration and payment receipts. In the event of a dispute, these documents will provide proof. Warning! No student will be admitted to the course unless the entire cost of the course has been paid and the student has received his or her student card.

– The student card, which is only provided once all costs of taking part in the Academy have been paid in full, gives access to the course and to the related events at the Academy. The student card is mandatory in order to have access to the entire site of the Royal Saltworks.

– Students arriving outside of the scheduled times must give 72 hours notice to the Saline Royale Academy administrative office by email [email protected].



– It is expected that most of the students will stay at the 3-star Hotel de La Saline Royale.

– Saline Royale Academy has a limited number of rooms at its disposal. Participants are therefore advised to book as soon as they receive the admission receipt further to their application. In the event that there is not enough space, accommodation is on offer in hotels and guest houses near the Saltworks.

– The accommodation is for 7 nights: check-in on Sunday from 4pm and departure the following Sunday. Rooms must be vacated by 11am at the latest.

– Students can choose accommodation in a single, double or twin room when finalising their registration. A holding deposit of €50 is requested by credit card. This holding fee will be canceled at the end of your stay after the keys have been returned. 

– Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Saltworks restaurant are included in the price of accommodation.

– Students also have the option of taking lunch without accommodation at the Saltworks. In this case, they should find alternative accommodation.

– Students are authorised to play their instrument in their room every day from 10am to 8pm. Non-observance of this rule could lead to exclusion without any reimbursement. 

– Should any person cause damage to material goods, he or she is bound to compensate La Saline Royale. Equally, should any person cause a public disturbance or disturb the nightly rest of his or her neighbours, he or she will be excluded from the residency without any reimbursement.




The following are included in the package: registration fees, tuition with the teacher (subject to acceptance of the application), minimum of 5 lessons over the week, the accompanying pianist during some lessons for non-pianists, performance at the student concerts as decided by the teacher, the possibility to attend all the lessons of the other students with the agreement of the teacher, free admission to all the concerts during the week, dinner with the teachers at the end of the course, lunch at the Saltworks restaurant every day, free admission to all of the Museums and exhibitions at the Royal Saltworks.


Includes accommodation for 7 nights starting on Sunday (from 4pm) and full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) until the following Sunday lunchtime. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the accommodation package, from arrival on Sunday night. Breakfast/lunch/dinner: Meals can be taken every day on site at the Saltworks restaurant.


Students who choose a package without accommodation must find alternative accommodation outside the Saltworks. Lunch for students without accommodation is included in the registration package at the Academy.



Registration takes place directly online on our internet site https://www.salineroyaleacademy.com

The closing dates for registrations are:
– Academy from October 24 to October 31: September 12, 2021
– Academy from October 31 to November 7: September 12, 2021


– A confirmation of registration will only be sent by email. Remember to provide us with your email address (checking that it is valid). It will only become effective after a positive response from the selection committee and definitive after receipt of the payment of the tuition, accommodation and meal fees.

– No application will be considered without the prior payment of the registration fees (€20). 



Payment is in two parts:

– Payment of the registration fees (€20) is obligatory when submitting the application. This amount will not be refunded if the student’s application is not accepted.

– Once registration has been confirmed by the Saline Royale Academy, payment of 100% of the tuition, accommodation and meal fees.


* An application to register will not be recorded if payment fails.

* An application to register will not be taken into account without the minimum payment of the registration fees (€20).

– Accepted payment methods:

1) Credit or debit card via a secure site.

2) Bank transfer: it must include, and only include, the payment reference number communicated by Saline Royale Academy. All bank transfers must include the statement “No recipient fees”. Warning – should banking fees be levied on Saline Royale Academy despite this measure, the participants in question will be bound to refund them on arrival. Warning: applications with payment by bank transfer will have longer processing times.



In the event of cancellation of the internship by a student more than a month before the start of the Academy, Saline royale Academy will only accept to make a refund upon presentation of a medical certificate or other irrefutable proof of the student’s inability to attend the internship. In any case, the registration fees are not refundable. In the event of cancellation less than one month before the start of the academy, any stay cancelled, interrupted or shortened due to the student’s fault will not give rise to a refund or postponement. The fees paid are systematically retained by Saline Royale Academy, except in cases of force majeure. No reimbursement will be made.

Saline Royale Academy reserves the right, in the event of external events beyond its control, or in the event that one or more of the teachers become unavailable, or if there are insufficient participants, to cancel all or part of the course. The sums paid will then be refunded, excluding any compensation. Students who decide to leave the course will not be entitled to any refund. This also applies to the accommodation and the meals.



– Although the Saline Royale Academy has taken all the necessary guarantees to insure its participants throughout the duration of the week at the Academy (limited to French territory), it is recommended to take out an insurance policy for instruments and personal effects.

– Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. If this is not the case, the signature of one or the other and a statement absolving Saline Royale Academy of all responsibility must be provided when the student registers for the course. In all cases, a minor student is required to call to the registration office. During online registration, a statement proving date of birth or a form of identification will  be requested. 

– As part of his or her registration at Saline Royale Academy, the student authorizes free of charge the capture of his or her image within the framework of the Academy (lessons, rehearsals, performances, concerts) and gives express permission free of charge that his or her set image may be incorporated to an audiovisual work intended for teaching, research, cultural, scientific, communication or commercial use with a view to its reproduction, representation and its use, including sale, rental, loan, communication to the public, by subscription or on request, free of charge or in exchange for payment, to any public, directly or indirectly, according to all channels of distribution, by all means and processes, known or not yet known to date, including digital recording formats, current or future, and in particular on hard drive, removable or not, disc, memory stick, flash drive, CD Rom, CD-R, DVD, DVD Rom, servers or any other equivalent format, in any form, anywhere in the world, in total or in part, and for the entire duration for which the authors of the work have acquired rights, including any renewals of these rights or, in the absence of this, during the period of protection of intellectual property in France. This also includes the reproductions that are necessary for any storage, transmission or downloading operations.



Measures for the protection of health (physical distancing, wearing a face covering) will be specified in line with the measures adopted by the French authorities during the period of the course. 

In the event that the COVID-19 crisis worsens and the course is canceled by official decision of the French government, or if it is not possible for the students to come to the course due to specific constraints (closed borders, canceled flights) in their country of origin, the sums paid will be reimbursed in full as soon as possible, except for the registration fees (20€).



In the event of a dispute, and if all amicable solutions have been exhausted, the Courts of Besançon shall have sole competence.

– Registration with the Saline Royale Academy implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Sale, and familiarity with the Privacy Policy and the Rules & Regulations.

– If the student has accommodation at the Saline Royale Academy, he or she accepts the Rules & Regulations of the Royal Saltworks. Only the French version of these Terms & Conditions of Sale has legal value.