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Legal provisions

The various elements of the website (form, layout, backgrounds, structure …) are protected by rights to drawings and templates, copyright, trademark rights as well as image reproduction rights, and they may not be copied or imitated, in whole or in part, without the express prior authorisation of EPCC Saline Royale.

Any person who does not observe the applicable legal provisions will be guilty of counterfeit and liable to face the criminal sanctions provided for by law.


This website is a work of which EPCC Saline Royale is the author under the meaning of articles L. 111.1 and following of the Intellectual Property Code.

The photographs, texts, logos and pictograms, as well as all the works included on the site are the property of EPCC Saline Royale or third parties that have authorised EPCC Saline Royale to use them.

Any reproductions, transmissions, changes to or reuse of said site and the works reproduced thereon, in paper or in digital format, are only authorised for personal and private use in compliance with the provisions of article L 122-5 of the Intellectual Property Code. These reproductions should therefore clearly state the source and the author of the site and/or said multimedia works.

Under no circumstances can these reproductions cause harm to the rights of third parties.

Reproductions, transmissions, changes to and reuse of all or part of the site for advertising, commercial or informational purposes are totally prohibited.

The Saline Royale Academy and EPCC Saline Royale logos may not be modified – proportions, colours, elements, constituent parts – and may not be subject to any transformation, animation or any other process.

They may only be used and associated with verifiable information. In particular, they may only be used to illustrate the relationship between Saline Royale Academy and EPCC Saline Royale or duly established acts of sponsorship.

Whatever the particular case, EPCC Saline Royale reserves the right to approve or disapprove of any use of its logos, to ensure their correct use, in compliance with ethics, morals and the interests of EPCC Saline Royale.

The conditions mentioned above apply in the framework of web pages; they do not make reference to the use of the logo in any other document.

EPCC Saline Royale reserves the right to change the conditions of use of its logos at any time without notice.

Data base rights

Data bases are protected by the law of 1st July 1998 and French copyright law.

Establishing links to the Saline Royale Academy official website

Saline Royale Academy authorises setting up a hypertext link to the official site of Saline Royale Academy for all Internet sites, excluding those that disseminate information that is controversial, pornographic, xenophobic or that may, in a broad manner, cause upset to large numbers of people.

The link must lead to the home page of the site and the Saline Royale Academy official site must appear in a new window. The pages of the Saline Royale Academy official website may not be integrated to the pages of another site under any circumstances (Frame).
Unless specific authorisation has been granted on a case by case basis, a direct link to an internal page of the website is prohibited.
The request to establish a hypertext link from the official site of the Saline Royale Academy must be made by email to the mailbox of the Saline Royale Academy.
In all specific cases, Saline Royale Academy reserves the right to request the deletion of a link should it consider that the target site does not respect the rules that have been defined above.

Links to third party sites from the Saline Royale Academy official website

Hypertext links operating within the site towards other sites and/or personal pages and in a general manner towards all existing resources on the internet do not engage the responsibility of EPCC Saline Royale and Saline Royale Academy with regard to the links that they contain or changes or updates that are made to them.

General warning

Our services make every effort to offer visitors to this website information that is reliable and verified.
However, despite all the care that is taken, the site may contain inexactitudes or errors, or may not be up-to-date.