Hebräische Melodien, Op. 9, 2nd movement

Hebräische Melodien, Op. 9, 2nd movement

Joseph Joachim

Isabel Charisius's masterclasses

English 28 min Viola

Isabelle Charisius and Lior Kamanga work on bowing, how to play with other musicians and more in this alto class.

Produced by the Saline royale Academy in February, 2021 at Arc-et-Senans.

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The masterclass

About this masterclass

World-renowned soloists Isabel Charisius and her student Lior Kamanga break down the basic fundamentals of essential techniques a violinist should follow. Likewise, Charisius explains that while exploring the dynamic limitations of this piece, it's essential to maintain the balance between yourself and the surrounding instruments. On top of that, the professor underlines that while practising continuous vibrato in octaves, doing shifts under the slur and continuously vibrating is an excellent technical exercise for this piece.

Furthermore, Charisius instructs Lior on breathing while positioning the bow through pantomiming. Taking a deep breath before the piece start and positioning the bow to the desired position can help a violinist transmit the energy to accomplish a masterful performance of Joachims' Hebräische Melodien, Op. 9, 2nd movement.

What we learn in this masterclass

  1. Finding a balance with other instruments.

  2. Breathing naturally with the bow.

  3. Practice to strengthen the muscles.

  4. Implementing the correct body language

  5. Bow positioning.

  • Student:Lior Kamanga
  • Instruments: Viola
  • Date:16 February 2021
  • Academy:Academy Feb. 14 - Feb. 21, 2021
Isabel Charisius

Isabel Charisius

Go beyond the borders of what we can still hear, but be careful and balance with the surroundings.

Isabel Charisius

Sheet music

Aim for excellence! You can improve your skills with expert advice. Download the annotated sheet music of this viola masterclass. Please note that this piece has been annotated in accordance to Isabel Charisius’s feedback and comments.

Isabel Charisius

Isabel Charisius

The prize winners were selected by a jury comprising (Alban Berg Quartet), 1983 to mark the 50th anniversary of Banff Centre.

Isabel Charisius is one of the finest violists and chamber musicians of her generation. As a member of the legendary Alban Berg Quartet, soloist and solo violist with leading orchestras, Isabel has appeared regularly at the most prestigious venues in Europe, the Americas and Asia.


She enjoys working in projects with distinguished string quartets, various ensembles and many renowned soloists at international venues and is frequently invited as a jury member on top international competitions.


For many years, Isabel has been dedicated to the development of new generations of musicians. She is an internationally recognised teacher of viola and chamber music. Her prolific teaching activity at the Universities of Cologne and Lucerne as well as a wide range of masterclasses at some of the most prestigious institutions gave rise to a large community of alumni. Students of Isabel can be found among the winners of international competitions and many of them are members of the world’s finest ensembles and orchestras. Isabel Charisius plays the extraordinary viola «ABQ» by Laurentius Storioni (1780).

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