Épinal International Piano Competition 
Date: Nov 17, 1970
Seasonality: Every two years
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Website: Discover
Price: €10000
Regularly held every other year in late March, the Epinal International Piano Competition welcomes competitors from all over the world, listened to by an International Jury composed of a panel of eminent personalities from the world of music. The aim of the Competition is obviously to give a chance to the competitors to make it into the list of award winners, leading to an international career. However, it is also an opportunity for the people of Epinal (some 4000 music lovers come to the City Theatre during the week) and a unique experience for the young pianists in contact with the piano schools from around the world. With the continued support of the City of Epinal, the Département des Vosges and the Région Lorraine among others, the competition became, across decades, a major french musical event. Read more about Épinal International Piano Competition  Hide