Geneva International Music Competition (Cello)
Date: Nov 17, 2022
Seasonality: Every five/eight years
Phone: +41 22 328 62 08
Website: Discover
Price: CHF20000
Within the world of international music competitions, a multi-disciplinary approach is rare and represents one of the Concours de Genève's most distinctive assets. Since its creation in 1939, 26 disciplines have been presented: instrumental, vocal, ensemble music or conducting. Today, the Competition alternates between eight main disciplines: piano, flute, clarinet, cello, viola, string quartet, voice and percussion. Every second year, it offers composition. Next competitions: 2022 - Piano & Composition, 2023 - Flute & String Quartet, 2024 - Voice & Composition. Read more about Geneva International Music Competition (Cello) Hide