International Hilde Zadek Voice Competition
Date: Nov 17, 1999
Seasonality: Every two years
Phone: +43 664 230 20 93
Website: Discover
Price: €10000
The purposeful engagement with Modern Music requires a precise, concentrated and independent artistic and mindful analysis and interpretation of the present – of the here and now. The expectations of the participants’ artistry and technical abilities, even for the compulsory pieces, are very high. The above criteria presume a premeditated choice. In our experience this competition often serves as inspiration for many new compositions written especially for individual competitors. In this way, contemporary music is promoted in multiple ways! This unique competition was created because of our knowledge of the music industry, as well as our decades long experience of teaching young singers of many nations, and a sense of responsibility towards these young people. Seeing this need, the Hildegard Zadek foundation created this “special” singing competition. Read more about International Hilde Zadek Voice Competition Hide