International piano competition of Orléans (Adult)
Date: Nov 17, 1994
Seasonality: Every two years
Phone: +33 (0)2 38 62 89 22
Website: Discover
Aside from being a competition, the International Piano Competition of Orléans showcases exceptionally talented pianists who present us with new ways of listening to the world we live in. Those selected to take part in our Competition are not only highly gifted pianists, but are genuine artists who are committed to bringing 20th and 21st century music to a wider public. One of the fundamental values of the Competition of Orléans is the exploration of different aesthetics, all demonstrating the same artistic excellence. The members of the jury do award a first, second and third Prize but what makes our Competition unique are the Special Prizes linked to ​great composers and musicians of the 20th century. The creation of new piano pieces takes pride of place in the Competition of Orléans: from the first round, with the André Chevillion - Yvonne Bonnaud Composition Prize, to the Semi-final recital, with the Sacem Prize awarded for the best performance of a new piece commissioned. Read more about International piano competition of Orléans (Adult) Hide