International Schubert Competition Dortmund
Date: Nov 17, 1987
Seasonality: Every five years
Phone: +49 162 8065616
Website: Discover
Price: €10000
Each music competition is appreciating and looking for the great virtuoso with a marvelous technique, the brilliant pianists who glides as smooth as silk across the piano keys, the singer with the most beautiful voice, a crowd-puller. Combinig this skills with the equally important skills of musicality was deemed necessary long before the existence of the Schubert-Competition, but was only made possible by the Schubert-Competition in an ideal way. The Schubert-Competition leads young musicians to a repertoire, which decisively enrich them in their artistic range and is often neglected in the universy education and in other music competitions. Several participants started a brilliant international career after their participation in the Schubert-Competition, even though, or perhaps precisely because, they spend a lot of time and effort in the introverted music of Franz Schubert. Only in the final round of the Schubert-Piano-Competition the audience has the opportunity to listen to the six great late Schubert Sonatas – every lasts ca. 40 minutes – by the best young and talented artists in the world for a whole day. The audience enters one of the richest and most profound tonal language of music history as it’s barely possible at any other place in the world, because nobody else except the Schubert-Competition takes the time to do so. The charm of this incomparable competition repertoire is further enhanced by the excitement of the competition (who will win?). Nevertheless the Schubert-Competition does not only focus on the instrumental brillance, much more on the personal messages of the young musicians in this incomparable music. Read more about International Schubert Competition Dortmund Hide