Monte Carlo Music Masters (Voice)
Date: Nov 17, 1989
Seasonality: Every three years
Phone: 00 377 98 06 28 28
Website: Discover
Strict selection criteria. Competitors enter in one of the three categories – piano, voice or violin – and are selected according to extremely strict criteria. In addition to be a finalists in another international competition, they must also have an extensive, varied repertoire (between four and five hours of music) and the determination needed to compete in a rapid succession of highly-competitive rounds. A single prize. To avoid any confusion between the winner and the other competitors, a single prize is given at the end of the competition: the Prince Rainier III Prize, worth €30,000. The winner is also offered the chance to tour in France and around the world. Only one artist can win, however, all competitors who fail to win are eligible to enter the competition again. A multi-disciplinary jury. Rather than being composed simply of soloists or teachers, who tend to favor their own students, the jury’s members include concert performers, festival directors, critics and even a non-professional, who represent the public, whose vote carries the same weight as the other members. Giving competitors the time to reveal their talent. To ensure that competitors have the time to demonstrate every facet of their abilities, the first round is similar to a real recital. Read more about Monte Carlo Music Masters (Voice) Hide