Neue Stimmen Competition
Date: Nov 17, 1987
Seasonality: Every two years
Phone: +49 5241 81 81 372
Website: Discover
Price: €15000
Since 2013, a first, second and third prize have been awarded to the top three female and top three male singers, a structure that allows for a fairer evaluation of the participants. It is also possible for two contestants to tie for the same prize if the jury feels that their performances are of equal caliber. An Audience Prize and other special awards designed to promote the singers' development are also given. Neue Stimmen prizewinners receive a cash award that reflects their place in the competition's final standings. They also receive long-term support, for example in securing high-profile engagements. Opera house directors and agents use the competition to scout for new talent and to bring promising singers from around the world to the venues they represent. Read more about Neue Stimmen Competition Hide