Queen Elisabeth Competition (Piano)
Date: Nov 17, 2022
Seasonality: Every three years
Phone: +32 2 213 40 50
Website: Discover
The Competition takes place in four phases: a preselection behind closed doors and three public rounds. The preselection process, based on videos that candidates have enclosed with their online applications, selects the candidates who are admitted to the first public round. The number of those candidates is not fixed or limited in advance. Starting with the first round, candidates perform in the order assigned to them by the drawing of lots. In the first round, candidates give a recital lasting 20 minutes. Twenty-four of them are selected for the semi-finals. Due to the sanitary restrictions, for Piano 2021 only twelve semi-finalists were selected. The 24 semi-finalists perform a more substantial recital, as well as a concerto with a chamber orchestra; those two performances take place on two different days. In the first round and the semi-final of the Voice Competition, candidates only perform in recital. The first two public rounds, which were held in the Brussels Conservatory until 2011, now take place at Flagey. Twelve semi-finalists are selected for the finals. In 2021 each semi-finalist has performed his concerto and recital on the same day. Only six of them have been selected for the final. The finalists perform, with a symphony orchestra, at the Brussels Centre for Fine Arts (Palais des Beaux-Arts). Read more about Queen Elisabeth Competition (Piano) Hide