Alborada del gracioso

Alborada del gracioso

Maurice Ravel

Jacques Rouvier's masterclasses

French 39min Piano

Produced by the Saline royale Academy in February 2021 at Arc-et-Senans.

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The masterclass

Finally, to conclude, after commenting on fingering, they discuss the dynamics and compare the way of playing the violin with playing the piano.

- To study arpeggios carefully.
- To handle repeated notes well in order to get to the forte.
- To breathe in order to be calm.
- Taking the time to practice is important.
- For the final fortissimo in the right hand, it is important to play it energetically and quite

Alborada del grazioso ("The Jester's Aubade") is a short orchestral piece by Maurice Ravel, first performed in 1919. It is an orchestrated version of one of the five movements of his piano suite Miroirs, written in 1904–05. Created for a ballet, the work has entered the concert repertoire and has been recorded frequently.

  • Student:Thibault Maurin
  • Instruments: Piano
  • Date:02 February 2021
  • Academy:Academy Feb. 7 - Feb. 14, 2021
Jacques Rouvier

Jacques Rouvier

Don't make the accent on the right much stronger than on the left.

Jacques Rouvier

Sheet music

Aim for excellence! You can improve your skills with expert advice. Download the annotated sheet music of this piano masterclass. Please note that this piece has been annotated in accordance to Jacques Rouvier’s feedback and comments.

Jacques Rouvier

Jacques Rouvier

He won two Premiers Prix (first prizes): in piano performance (1965) In chamber music (1967).

Jacques Rouvier was born in Marseilles into a family of musicians. He attended the CNSMD in Paris (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse), where he was taught by Vlado Perlemuter, Pierre Sancan, and Jean Hubeau. He won first prizes in both piano and chamber music. Rouvier then decided to broaden his knowledge about wind section and leading orchestra at the CNSMD too. He owes much to Pierre Barbizet and Jean Fassina. Rouvier won several competitions such as the “Giovan Battista Viotti” International Music Competition, Maria Canal International Music Competition, the European Broadcasting Union Competition, the Long-Thibaud Competition, and the Competition of the Fondation de la Vocation. In 1970, he founded the Rouvier-Kantorow-Muller trio, with whom he still performs regularly.

Since 1979, he has taught at the CNSMD in Paris and at the Berlin University of the Arts.


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