About Saline royale Academy

Project within the framework of the Call for Expressions of Interest (Appel à Manifestations d’Intérêt or AMI) by the French state to invest in innovative projects that promote culture and heritage through digital means.

The objective of Saline royale Academy, under the company [email protected], is to contribute to training the best musicians of tomorrow:

  • Create the most comprehensive and prestigious international catalog of filmed master classes in classical and baroque music.
  • Offer young musicians from all over the world the chance to fulfil their dreams and begin their international career by following the teachings of the greatest Masters in music as part of the Saline royale Academy at the Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans (France), and by having 24 hour access, with no constraints or limits to excellence in online musical teaching.
  • Save, in high definition, the exceptional heritage represented by the richness and diversity of the teachings and techniques of the greatest Masters, in contrast to uniform playing and styles.

The digital services offer will include subscription access to exclusive content intended for students, teachers and musical institutions. The chosen position is that of excellence based on technological innovation, on mastery of the profession and on the choice of artists, Masters in their chosen discipline and representative of specific musical trends.

Added to the question of quality teaching is that of preserving and passing on an exceptional heritage of musical performance within a context of worldwide standardisation.

This is not about teaching music to beginners; it offers a public of young and talented musicians tools for technical and stylistic progress, advantages when entering competitions, the means to self-assess in an international competition and a pathway to find their direction in a complex professional musical world.

ERDF, European Regional Development Fund