Coppey, Bidini and Beaver – Chamber music from Oct. 22 – Oct. 29, 2023 – Sold out

This academy is aimed at trio or quatuor from music schools (HEMU, Guildhall, CNSM, etc.) or instrumentalists at the beginning of their career.

In order to help students participate in our academies, scholarships will be available. These will be requested at the time of registration and will be awarded according to criteria such as the student’s background, project, or motivation.

Three types of events will mainly punctuate the weeks of our academies:

> Daily and individual classes allowing them to learn every day from our teachers. These classical music classes are given in dedicated rooms, all equipped with pianos.

> Concerts are held every evening, allowing students to perform in front of an audience if they wish. Academicians will receive their concert video, recorded by our team of professionals, which they can use for their personal promotion.

> Two concerts, one for the academicians and one for the teachers, are organized at the end of each academy. Open to the public, they offer students a new opportunity to test themselves and prepare for future performances.

During the academy, students can stay at the Saline royale’s *** hotel and can eat on-site thanks to our catering system. Allergies and dietary are taken into account in order to accommodate everyone.

Before the academy, each trio or quatuor must prepare and master at least:
– One piece by Johann Sebastian Bach,
– Three pieces of their choice, among which, at least one work from the public domain.
This information will be communicated to the teachers to ensure the smooth running of the masterclasses.

An application fee of €150 will be required to apply for one of our academy sessions. If the student is selected, this fee will be deducted from the tuition fees. If the student is not selected, the application fee will be refunded, minus a 10% administration fee.

Members of a trio or quatuor must make an application per person when registering for the academy they wish to join. Specific rates are set up for the pedagogical costs of chamber music academies, 481€ VAT included per trio member and 376€ VAT included per quartet member.

For any questions, you can contact us at this address: