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Flore Merlin

Curiosity, openness and versatility make Flore Merlin an insatiable and enthusiastic musician, for whom discovering the repertoire and sharing the stage are essential. Passionate about chamber music, she is a member of the Nuori trio, of the Arto duo with clarinetist Lionel Andrey and of the Zoltan duo with cellist Raphaël Jouan. She is also the pianist of the Damask vocal Quartet and collaborates regularly with other renowned ensembles and musicians, including cellist Louis Rodde, violists Louise Desjardins, Hélène Clément, Noémie Bialobroda and Elise Hiron, bassoonists Lomic Lamouroux and Lola Descours, the vocal ensemble Ksang, the Palazzetto Bru Zane, the Maurice company and the others, as well as with the pianists Anne Le Bozec, Antoine de Grolée, Orlando Bass and the singers Marine Friborg, Marc Mauillon, Didier Henry, Laura Holm, Marie Perbost, Jean-Christophe Lanièce, Igor Bouin, Loïc Félix, Marie Lenormand, the wave player Nathalie Forget …
As evidenced by her projects and her discography, Flore Merlin is eager to open up to a diversity of repertoires, instruments and audiences, and thus to make heard and known works and sound aesthetics out of the ordinary. She turns to works by little-known composers (Kirchner, Herzogenberg, Jenner, Godard, Vierne, Alkan, Castillon, Onslow, Hérold, Muczinski, Steibelt, O’Connor, Lefebvre, Dubois, Lemoyne …), composers (Chaminade, Boulanger , Viardot, Renié, Hensel, C. Schumann, De Grandval, Farrenc…) and plays on instruments from various eras and styles.
Her keen interest in questions of notation and musical interpretation led her to study and practice the pianoforte and the harpsichord, and to learn the clavichord. She has worked on these instruments notably with Tuija Hakkila, Bart van Oort, Malcolm Bilson, Assi Karttunen, Aline Zylberajch and Menno van Delft.
In addition, she also plays modern and contemporary music (Murail, Touchard, Jolas, Mantovani, Lacôte, Figols-Cuevas, Matalon…).
She frequently performs in concert in many festivals: Giverny, Messiaen (notably in the much noticed “Saint-François d’Assise” in a reduced version), Debussy, de Melle, Piano à Riom, Les Musicales de Colmar, Musiques désmesitées, Au gré des arts (Evreux), Académie Bach, “Concerts de Vollore”, “Harmonies en Livradois”, “Les Zarmonique” as well as in the following venues and institutions: Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, BNF, Lille Opera House, Lyric Workshop de Tourcoing, La Sorbonne, Théâtre de Cornouaille, Imperial Theater of Compiègne… On the rest of the European continent, she has performed in Switzerland (Schubertiade, Appenzell, Engadina, L’art pour l’Aar, Concerts de Cheseaux, Concerts de Grandson, COV de Nyon, Art et musique in Sierre…), in Italy at the Palazzetto Bru Zane, in Great Britain at Aldeburgh Music, in Belgium at Flagey and at the Mim in Brussels, in the Netherlands (National Opera, Wonderfeel Festival, Oudewater, Waalsekerk from Amsterdam), in Germany at the Bonner Schumann fest, at the Harmos Festival in Porto, as well as in Austria, Montenegro, Finland, Sweden …
She graduated from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (Diplôme de Formation Supérieure de piano, 2010; Master in vocal accompaniment, 2015; Master in singing direction, 2016), from the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel (Bachelor in pianoforte, 2013) and the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki (Master of piano, 2014).
Among the teachers who marked him: Philippe Marty, Hortense Cartier-Bresson, Tuija Hakkila, Anne Le Bozec, Emmanuel Olivier, Erika Guiomar, Theodor Paraskivesco, Jean-Claude Pennetier, Alain Planès …
Recognized for having developed great reading and adaptability skills, she is a sought-after accompanist (Ecole Normale de Paris, CNSM de Paris, etc.) and regularly works as a choirmaster (Lille Opera House, Tourcoing Lyric Workshop, Palazzetto Bru Zane …) With chefs like David Reiland, Philippe Herreweghe, Michel Piquemal, Julien Chauvin, Emmanuel Olivier, Nicolas Chesneau…
Flore Merlin also sang for 8 years in the Bergamasque vocal ensemble, practiced the German bassoon for 10 years and the violin and horn for 4 years.

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