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Immersive 4 views player for piano

A Unique Video Player

Experience innovation with our video player, empowering users to select from multiple camera angles for a personalized perspective. Access four interactive angles seamlessly—whether focusing on the professor, student, a close-up of the performance, or the entire room—all with uninterrupted sound and image quality.​​

This revolutionary approach transforms users from passive observers into active participants. Our platform is accessible on any device, addressing the shortage of high-quality instruction for aspiring musicians. We aim to deliver a distinctive, immersive, and interactive experience through a video system merging four camera feeds into a single high-definition video.

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Saline royale Academy's professionals studios

In-House Production Excellence​

Our videos, crafted at the Saline Royale of Arc-et-Senans, France, showcase the mastery of our in-house production team. This dedicated group of professionals ensures unmatched video and sound quality, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Our soundproof studios are equipped with HD recording devices, four cameras, and multiple microphones for precision. Beyond mere archives, these recordings are invaluable tools for students to practice in front of cameras, refine stress management skills, and experience conditions resembling live performances, competitions, and future professional recordings in their careers.

Saline royale academy: recordings under professional conditions

The recording studios​

Our recording studios serve as multifunctional spaces within the Saline royale. Beyond dedicated recording spaces, these studios function as integral work and living areas for our esteemed teachers and students. Encompassing 1000m², the facility includes 4 group classrooms, 6 recording studios with upright pianos, 4 fully equipped soundproof studios, and 1 space for relaxation and collaboration. This setup creates a conducive environment for the evolution of teaching and learning experiences at our academies.

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