Behind the camera, the recorded masterclasses.

Find out how the Saline royale Academy masterclasses are recorded and the purpose of these recordings.

High quality recordings

During the academy weeks, some masterclasses take place in high quality recording studios. These studios are soundproof and equipped with HD recording equipment, a device consisting of 4 cameras and several microphones in order to capture the voices and the instruments as well as possible. These recordings make it possible to immortalise the teaching transmitted between the teacher and his pupil.

For the students of our academies, it is an opportunity to practice playing in front of cameras, to learn to manage stress and to benefit from learning conditions close to the concerts, competitions and recordings that they will be able to carry out during their career.


In addition to this training, the recording of this exceptional video content allows

To create the most comprehensive and prestigious international catalogue of filmed classical music masterclasses.
To offer a chance to young musicians from all over the world to make their dreams come true and to open their careers to the international market by following the teaching of the greatest masters of music at the academies held at the Saline Royale d'Arc-et-Senans (France), and by accessing 24 hours a day, without constraint or limit, to the excellence of online music teaching.
To safeguard, in high definition, the exceptional heritage represented by the richness and diversity of the teachings and techniques of the greatest masters, in the face of the standardization of games and styles.
immersive 4 views player

Our immersive video player

The recorded masterclasses are accessible on our online platform thanks to our immersive video players. Musicians have access to 4 interactive angles of the same video, allowing them to choose the viewing angle and follow the professor, the student, a close-up of the performance or the room at large without any breaks in image and sound.

It radically changes the rules of the game: the user is no longer a mere spectator; they are a participant in their own video.

Our videos are ccessible anytime, anywhere on any device.


The new recording studios, opening in September 2023

The recording studios of the Saline royale Academy will be located in the heart of the Saline royale in Arc-et-Senans (France), an architectural site classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is also the setting for our academies. The academies will take place in the East Bern, a former salt production site from the 18th century.

Beyond the studio dedicated to recording, it is a working and living space where our teachers and students will evolve.

The 1000m2 will include 4 group classrooms, 6 recording studios with upright pianos, 4 fully equipped soundproof studios and 1 space dedicated to relaxation and exchange.